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Why should I choose FSC product and what what lies behind name FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)?


As a user Of timber products, you can support environmentally responsible and sustainable forestry practices through the purchase of certified timber. Term Certificated forest comes from "well managed forest", which focuses on long-term health of the total forest ecosystem - trees, plants under and around them, water resources, wildlife, areas for hiking and sport, as well as creating jobs in local communities. Unlike metals, fossil fuels and its derivatives products (such as plastics), forest resources are renewable sources and by properly managing the flow of timber products it may be maintained for indefinite period of time.

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Certified companies shall all the times to be able to prove that they stored FSC timber and raw material which came from monitored resources, separately from other materials which they produce or they kept into storage.



Uses FSC logo is controlled continuously. Each company has its own unique code of the origin and it can be checked anytime, by anyone.


"Modar - 2002" Ltd.

hold a certificate tracking productionat FSC

(Forest Stewardship Council):

- Certificate Code:  NC-COC-021581

- License Code:  FSC-C125782


Production of FSC certified products on customer request (FSC C125782).

Sustainable management and exploitation of forest practices requires good practices guaranteeing the long-term health and variety in our forests. Architects, designers, users, builders are increasingly starting to look for products that are certified and timber products from sustainable sources. As a result of increased demand in sector of forestry products were formed programs for certification of forests.

To become a certificated, forest should covered standards for forest management, established by different systems of certification. At present in the world operating over 50 different certification systems representing nearly 700 million acres of forests.

Forest Stewardship Council - FSC

FSC is an independent, nonprofit organization founded to promote responsible worldwide forest management. According to organization data, more than 180 million acres of forests worldwide are certified under standards of FSC and are spread in over 79 countries. More than 28000 certificates are in service in Member States.

On the other  side FSC have 36 accredited certification bodies worldwide.

 The organization supports two types of certificates.


1. Forest management certification - responsible forestry land management.

2. Chain of Custody certification  ensures that forest products marked with the name FSC, can be traced back to the certified forest of origin.







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